Here is the Scoop

The Cat

I am CAT. Actually I used to be a wild cat. I was born, raised and lived along a highway
till one day I saw houses. One of them had an open door so I marched right in to see
where this would lead me. The woman sitting in a chair said “Oh no, I do not want any
more animals. I can’t take care of myself I do NOT want a cat!” Instead of telling me to
get out she dished up a bowl of fresh caught smoked Tuna. She sat it in front of me and
said: “EAT you look so hungry.” She closed the door and I never left. She never found
a suitable name for me, so I am CAT. I am biologically a HE but she refers to me as a
SHE. Recently we watched many programs for Pride Day Celebrations and I wondered
myself if I was in fact a TWO SPIRIT.

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If you are faced with a scence where chaos reins supreame,you can decribe it as
Tohuwabohu. The term denotes disorder and confusion or what we might call hullabaloo
Bibicle hebrew and means formless and empty in refernce to Waerh before God created
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Lets do coffee …

KOYAANISQATSI is a Hopi word describing life out of balance.

Groups of native Tribes conducted Ceremony in key locations to help Mother Earth, to repair portals andblessed the 2-legged, 4-legged and winged inhabitants of the planet. There was a sense of urgency, since theRing of Fire was as restless as we have seen it in some time.

I had the pleasure of watching several salmon trying to jump up Tumwater Falls Waterfall. They tried severaltimes and believe it or not, they made it. I read that new dams were installed in several places to trap the fish, in order for them to be separated into Native Salmons and “OTHERS’
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Uncanny Parallel thoughts. 2012 and 2020.

Each person is saying the same thing in their way, this is awesome! We are ALL on the same page and the same thought pattern….

I thought about the wisdom of community living, a few days ago.

Looking at the posts today I see a story unfolding…Each person is saying the same thing in their way, this is awesome! We are ALL on the same page and the same thought pattern…. I am going to spend a little time on that thought, what an idea for a newsletter! To remind you I have 9 languages on my FB, friends cover the 4 corners of the planet, have different lives and here we are…. WOW!!! JUNE 11 2012, have to remember this date.

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Forword and reminissing of 2012 adventures. And we thought THAT was a crazy year. Think again

By Justin B Wright

I first met Lilian around 1998 while directing the TV show of another producer at TCTV.  Lilian was the guest on “Living Solutions with Nancy Seals”, a live psychic call-in show.  She poached me (willingly) away from Nancy, and I began to direct her show “A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness.”  I had started my own live show, “Dance O’ Dance” with an awful timeslot of Wednesdays at 4PM.  It wasn’t until we switched to Fridays at 8PM that we under-stood just how awful the previous timeslot had been.  One Wednesday afternoon the only person dancing that hour was Lilian!

This Clown Crucifixion montage entitled “Levity” was the result of Bil Fleming’s “the Great Clown Photoshoot”. It made its public debut at the 2009 Fall Arts Walk as a 40″ x 40″ print hanging in the window of Hot Toddy.

In her first book, “And the Moral of the Story is… One Person at a Time,” Lilian encounters grasshoppers on a road trip and looks up the significance.  When a grasshopper appears it is in indication of an uncanny leap.  I felt an affinity for this creature going back to my childhood.  I used to watch David Carradine in the TV show Kung Fu.  His character, a Chinese-American Shaolin monk, was nicknamed “Grasshopper” by his old blind master.

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