Mutual UFO Network – Field Investigation Report

Now that UFO/USO exist, it’s ok to share my report of an CE ll. What a night, what a night. No sleep after all that!

Incident Typel Synopsis: CEII- 3 witn’s observe a glowing sphere that takes off from field behind residence, climbs and accelerates out of sight. Associated unexplained changes in nearby pond kills rare fish. Lab analysis performed on water sampie.

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Old news is new news

Excerpt from the book "The Big P" from 2009

For the world of me I was unable to figure out how we name the month and how we arrive at the meanings. So I typed in Wikepedia January meaning. Did it clarify anything for me? Not really.
January was an eventful month for us people of the planet Earth. Still thinking about the ramifications of this so-called new beginning, I was sitting in the parking lot of an office building, killing time before a meeting, when I noticed 3 trees swaying in the wind on a stormy day. It was quiet, except for the wind and the sound of an occasional saw, on this ungodly stormy day, people were absent to the point for a moment I thought I was the only person on the premise. I listened to the trees as they moved, swung back and forward with the wind, spinning at the top as the gusts caught the top of their crown. In the stillness I listened to their story. Read more ….

Here is the Scoop

The Cat

I am CAT. Actually I used to be a wild cat. I was born, raised and lived along a highway
till one day I saw houses. One of them had an open door so I marched right in to see
where this would lead me. The woman sitting in a chair said “Oh no, I do not want any
more animals. I can’t take care of myself I do NOT want a cat!” Instead of telling me to
get out she dished up a bowl of fresh caught smoked Tuna. She sat it in front of me and
said: “EAT you look so hungry.” She closed the door and I never left. She never found
a suitable name for me, so I am CAT. I am biologically a HE but she refers to me as a
SHE. Recently we watched many programs for Pride Day Celebrations and I wondered
myself if I was in fact a TWO SPIRIT.

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If you are faced with a scence where chaos reins supreame,you can decribe it as
Tohuwabohu. The term denotes disorder and confusion or what we might call hullabaloo
Bibicle hebrew and means formless and empty in refernce to Waerh before God created
Light and order. Read more …