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Dear CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, Good Morning America, the Today Show and whatever other news organizations professing to employ people who refer to themselves as Journalists:

cc: all Facebook Friends (as promised)

FYI There is a flood in Louisiana.

You’ve met us before. You came and camped out over here during a very painful period in our existence about a month ago. You went into a neighborhood you’ve never been in, in a state it’s quite possible that you’ve never visited (despite that you are “very well-travelled”). Although, I realize you are sophisticated, and accepting of “other” cultures, you managed to pass judgment on an entire community in your own country, who were mourning and struggling to figure out – what the hell just happened – and where do we go from here – all of us (well most of us) – in good faith. You didn’t offer help, you didn’t offer support, you offered criticism – and then you left. Continue reading

Canary, 6.8

Canaries are birds that in the olden days were use to monitor the toxins in the mines and warn the miners of approaching dangers.)

We have all been talking about the earth changes, about how we are right in the middle of them and what a welcomed chain of events that will be. Well……
When the earth shook for 45 seconds on Feb. 28 2001 and measured 6.8 on the scale, I remember thinking: WHAT IN THE **** IS That!!!!!!. It never answered me. So lets go backwards and see what took place here and how it affected ONE Lightworker, me.
All the signs had been there, but even I did not make the connection all together. Being very affected by frequency changes and the information that NASA e-mails every day it was right in front of my face.
The sun magnetic reversed only a week prior and when my granddaughter Destiny noticed how strange the incoming tide was, as it came in it formed a channel and went backwards, we talked about it and wondered why that was. Read more …

What I have witnessed

paddelnFor 7 days I had the opportunity, AT WILL, to enter a different reality away from the elections and the hateful, bigotry ridden times which have become our every day life. Television is full of killings, in fighting and bad news. This energy gets into your s
hair, your cloth, your consciousness, your dreams and your soul.

For 7 days I was privileged to have the opportunity to turn on my computer and watch…live… the celebrations taken place on the Nisqually Reservation. The canoe families arrived in Olympia, WA on a Saturday, They were tired and hungry from paddling such great distances. It was a total of 130 families which had made the journey. They came from as far away as Hawaii, Alaska, Utah and New York. Continue reading

August 2016 Newsletter

kanu-8-16While a part of the Country TRUMPERED away and spent days cheering MANIACY words… (Please note, I make up words because I am descriptive), the rest of the Country went through many changes and dilemmas.
The Pope sounded like we were acknowledging the coming of WordWar 3.
Some conducted ceremonies for healing people and mostly the Planet.Others has Mass Meditations for wisdom and peace for the world andour troubled minds.Still others prayed as they have for 2000 plus years for theworld to end. Read more …

Shame on you!

I ventured out to TCTV today, I was able to drive like always and think my confinement at home is done, maybe I will take it slow. While at the station someone reminded me what I said on the Predictions. I saw BIRDS…The first time it was planes at 9.11. Today it was Turkey…they are birds in a 3rd eye.
I stopped at Trader Joes. When I came oyt I had a note on my car from some radical Christian Church it said: AND GOD WILL JUDGE YOU. I guess they were making reference to the Logo on my car listing the UFO Hotline. which BTW is hooked to some Police Emergency Systems. At least it was at one time unless it changed. I thought about how radical some people are, the same thing people want to shield themself from, just another name. Shame on you!

CANCER – Forecast July 2016

by Sandy Johnson

In ancient mythology, the Moon ruled side by side with the Sun god or goddess, and was often more important than the sun, because of it’s wisdom, guidance and spiritual knowledge. The Moon affected so many aspects of life and the personality, that it was often considered to have much power. And given several different names through out history because of this. Here are just a few of the names, that the Moon has been called Selena, Phoebe, Cynthia, Artemis, Hectate and Diana. Artemis, in mythology the Moon, is considered the absolute female archetype, and the total mother and nurturer of the planet. This is best seen through the three phases of the Moon. Wherein, the waxing Moon represents the youthful maiden, the full Moon is the mother goddess, and the waning Moon is the wise old woman. Hence all the ancient lore associated with the several phases of the Moon. Continue reading

July 2016 Newsletter

july-2-2016While most people ate BBQ and celebrated, I have been sitting here, on MEMORIAL DAY 2016, thinking about my many Family Members, all 9 of them, who were in the Military and were highly decorated. Was thinking, no, trying to imagine, what they had to go through to get a piece of Metal to adorn their chest and what it cost us as a family.

I was looking for a document and found some of my Ex-Husbands papers. He must have sent them somewhere when fighting for his disability. Brought up some very deep rooted emotions….

Like each year, a special presentation was shown on Television, this year it was a remake version of ROOTS. There was much chatter on the social sites as what to expect, so here is a little, with permission, of what that looked like. Read more …