Mutual UFO Network – Field Investigation Report

Now that UFO/USO exist, it’s ok to share my report of an CE ll. What a night, what a night. No sleep after all that!

Incident Typel Synopsis: CEII- 3 witn’s observe a glowing sphere that takes off from field behind residence, climbs and accelerates out of sight. Associated unexplained changes in nearby pond kills rare fish. Lab analysis performed on water sampie.

Location: Shaw residence located at 2565 Wynoochee Valley
Rd. Montesano, Wa. or 15.8 miles North ofthe intersection ofSR 12 and Devonshire
Road. The Wynoochee Valley Road runs basically parallel to the Wynoochee River and it
leads to the Wynoochee Dam which is a hydroelectric source for Tacoma, Washington.
Montesano, Wa. is ab out 39 miles west ofOlympia, Wa. which is on 1-5. The Dam is
about another 10 plus miles past the Shaw residence. The Shaw property is ab out 60
Date/Time of Occurrence: 08/20/96 2330-2340 PDST
Conditionsl Visibility: Night, temperature mild; c1ear skies.
Date Investigated: 09/02/96 1515 hrs.
Method of Notification: NUFORC
Person(s) Involved:
Terri 1. Shaw 42 yoa
Resides at Location with husband, Randy
(360) 249-5076
HS Education
Excellent Health; No visual impairment

Fatima Lillian Mustelier 49 yoa
4830 Pacific Ave. #18
Lacey, Wa.
(360) 456-8471
Resident Alien
HS Education
Wears trifocals.

Debra French 38 yoa
Unk address; not present during primary contact.
Health Care Provider
No furt her background.

James E. Clarkson, State Seetion Director
MUFON- Gra% Harbor County
PO Box 771
Aberdeen, VVa. 98520
(360) 532-9530

Details of Investigation:
On 090196 I received information that a possible UFO event had occurred at the Shaw residence as described above. I was also informed that the reported object was believed to have killed all ofthe fish in a nearby pond. After introducing myselfby phone, I made an appointment for the following day. At about 1515 hrs. on 09/02/96 I arrived at the Shaw residence on the VVynoochee Valley Road.

Their residence is in a very rural part ofGrays Harbor County. Once you have arrived at their driveway, 15.8 miles north on the road from SR 12, it is necessary to go another.3 to .4 miles to arrive at their property.

There are 60 ponds on their property which are all fed by the same artesian source. The commonality of the water source in these ponds is highly relevant to what follows. Each ofthese ponds have a roughly elongated shape, ranging from about 20 to 30 feet across to 40 to 50 feet long. The ponds are reported to be about 20 feet deep, varying according to the season.

The Shaws are engaged in raising koi, a type of carp appearing much like giant goldfish. They are prized in Oriental culture for their spiritual properties. They are longlived; they may live to 70 years; some are reported to have survived far longer than is possible for a human. The fish are algae eaters.

Koi come in multiple varieties of colors and patterns. They are very valuable and may seIl for upwards of a thousand dollars per fish. Considering that there are 12 to 15 fish in each pond, and since it is the source of their livelihood, the Shaws are very conscientious ab out checking the ponds. Thin nets are kept over the ponds to keep away predators; the pond water is routinely checked for pH, nitrate/nitrite content, and ammonia levels.

The driveway to the Shaw residence is flanked by the previously described ponds. There are four that are easily visible from the driveway. It is the pond closest the UFO takeoff location where the unexplained water discoloration and fish die-off occurred. Assuming that the driveway runs basically east and west, with the approach from the west, the pond in question is located in the Southeast quadrant.

The Shaw residence sits on a rolling slope. The house is a single-story with a long, covered back porch. The three witnesses were sitting on the back porch when the CE II occurred. The back porch is about fifteen feet above the level of a neatly mowed grass field which goes back to the treeline some 200 to 250 feet away.

The view from the back porch on to the open field is unobstructed. Anything illuminated in that dark field at night would be instantly visible to an ob server on the back porch of the residence.

There are two aspects to this event, the observation of the UFO take-off and departure, and the pond anomaly. In reference to the first aspect, when I arrived, I met all of the involved parties with the exception of Debra French; I was introduced to her at a later date.

Randy Shaw produced a compass and based upon his wife’s observation of the object’s departure from the area, he calculated a back heading of 268 degrees. After this we went to the back porch of the house where Lillian and Terri Shaw recounted the event separately to me.

At the time of the event, 2330 to 2340 hrs. on 08/20/96, all three of the women were on the back porch of the house talking. Terri Shaw was sitting between Lillian and Debra. Lillian was seated closest to the SE corner of the house, and all three of them were near the railing.

All three of the witnesses report that the night was unusually quiet. Due to the number of ponds on their property and their general proximity to the Wynoochee River, it is reasonable to expect that normally the usual nightnoise from crickets and frogs, would be present.

Terri Shaw reports that she observed the object light up and take off It was a glowing sphere about 15 to 20 feet in diameter. The object appeared to rotate as it took off. This occurred very quickly, but once Terri observed that the object was ascending over her home, she ran through the house, out the front door and once outside she was able to see the object accelerate and disappear. She stated that as it left, it was moving at a high velocity.
There was no sound from the object.
Terri Shaw reports that she has had one previous UFO observation in Port Arthur, Texas in 1968.

Lillian reports when she saw the sphere, she almost jumped off the balcony to get a better look at it. She also stated that she saw the object light up and take off. She stated that it had something like a vapor trail falling away as it took off. When I later met Debra French, she stated the way that the object “parted the atmosphere” reminded her of an “alligator head parting the water.”

Both Lillian and Debra report unusual hair loss after the incident. Debra French also stated that her hair lost its natural curl after the event. Terri Shaw, who jumped up and ran through the house in order to witness the departure of the object as it flew away from her home, reported no physical symptoms as a result of this event.

I walked out into the field to the point where they report seeing the object take off. It was somewhere around 125 to 150 feet from the house and ab out 15 feet lower than the back porch of the Shaw residence.

I next interviewed Randy Shaw about this event. He stated that on the previous Friday, 11 days after the event, he discovered that all ofthe fish in the previously described pond were dead. He estimated the dollar loss at about $ 10,000.00. He stated that he is not insured for such a loss.

He stated that the day before the CE 11, everything was normal in the pond. He noticed the day after the event that the water color in the pond was changing but he did not know that anything was wrong with the fish.

Randy Shaw reports that the nitrate/nitrite levels in the pond were normal as well as the pH. No temperature test was done on the pond water after the event. He states that he did not immediately associate the two events together.

I obtained a water sampie from the pond where the fish has died. I also looked at all of the other ponds in the immediate area. The difference was startling. The pond in question had a muddy, reddish-brown tint. The other ponds were mostly dear or tinted a green color. He stated that the latter coloration is normal. I observed the koi swimming in these other ponds and they appeared to be in no distress.

I later contacted Peter Davenport at NUFORC and he suggested that I contact Dr. Frieda B. Taub at the University ofWashington School ofFisheries. I mailed the sampie to her after briefing her by telephone. She was kind enough to analyze the water sample.

A copy ofher response letter is attached to this report. She also provided some reference material related to fresh water algae growth. My understanding of her response is as follows:
1) The water sampIe contained a very high density of green algae.
2) The green algae was associated with a mucilage material that is
l eddish (rust) color.
3) This type of algae occurs naturally.
4) The reference material contains references to situations where an algal bloom might occur in a low oxygen state such as might occur near dawn, since during the night the algae, not being able to utilize photosynthesis, compete with the koi for the available oxygen in the water by respiration.

It should be noted that Randy Shaw emphasized that all of the ponds are fed by the same artesian water source and that nothing comparable has happened in any of the other ponds. He also states that he has never had a situation where all of the fish die at the same time in one pond. He also states that he has contacted other koi-breeders who state that they consider this to be a highly unusual, and thus far, inexplicable event.

Conclusion and Assessment:
I consider all three of the primary witnesses to the CE II to be highly credible. Their accounts of the event are consistent, when related separately, together, or repeatedly.

There is no direct evidence to link the UFO with the unexplained alteration of the dosest koi pond. However, there is no evidence to explain alternatively, why that particular pond was effected and no other, or by what other factors the phenomena in the pond occurred, other than by the UFO.

Terri and Randy Shaw are both articulate, open-minded people; both are seeking answers to fundamental spiritual questions. They are interested in the subject ofUFO’s as another aspect of their search for answers, but neither one of them is preoccupied with the subject.

Debra French was at first reticent to discuss her experience. I have the impression that the strangeness of the event conflicts with her childhood religious teachings.

Lillian Mustelier has demonstrated on several occasions since then that she is gifted with strong ESP. As a result of this investigation, I have had numerous conversations with her, thereby broadening my awareness in ufology and many other areas.

It is my conelusion that this event is a true CEll, a elose observation of a UFO with associated physical effects, rating high on both indexes for witness credibility and strangeness of the event.

James E. Clarkson, State Section Director
MUFON- Grays Harbor County

Here you can dowload the report:


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