March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

Commander here. Just hanging around trying to make sense out of the last 28 days.
Nothing conventional about any of it. Been hanging around Lilian for 20 plus years and
she was as “DINGY” as the rest of the world. For one thing I remember BLACK
HISTORY MONTH past. It was always full of festivities. She would get dressed up
attending lectures, plays, dinners and give classes to educate or refresh peoples
memories what the month of February brought forward in reference to historical fact so
often overlooked by the newer generations. Not sure if it was the political temperature
or the horrendous weather conditions around the country which prevented …willfully or
circumstantial… that BHM just slipped away. Almost ALL of America was blanketed in
snow white in a literal sense. Read more …

February 2019 Newsletter

february-2019-2Commander just hanging around to get an overview as to the Going On’s and there are quiet a few! Not all together true, the reason for the hanging part, but I feel like Lilian when she has a back ache, not comfortable anywhere, just want to hang from the ceiling.

She is sitting in her chair just chatting away with her Niece, she is surrounded by the most wonderful people. Melani reports:

Searching for a new direction. Yesterday I volunteer for the (PIT) point in time count of
homeless people. I walked into the Providence community care clinic and I saw a young
lady that struggles but amazing. She ask if she could hug me. She is not homeless
anymore but love to hangout and encourage. I looked up and there were so many people
in different places of their lives. Then I saw 3 young men in front of a 3 sinks watching
their arm pits. I just started crying.  Read more …

January 2019 Newsletter

CommanderCOMMANDER here! I came to Lilian Via SANI ZETO. Sani and Lilian were fellow writers for the STAR BEACON in the early 90’s.

Sani heard that Lilian was surrounded by Aliens most of her life, so when she came to visit, in order to do a Visit with a Person of High Strangeness Show, she brought along, as a gift,a couple of the dolls she made.

So. I have been hanging out in Olympia, at Lilian’s for 20 years. They called me COMMANDER.

Read more …

December 2018 Newsletter

Animals in a front of mountains

Mr McKrekor here. Consuela left a note for us. How thoughtful not to forget us while
she is taking a nap. It is a bit early for Happy New Year, but I am glad she thought we
would miss her, yes and miss her we do! Bet she is dreaming of Summer, only 5 month
to wait, more or less and then we will complain about the heat again. Read more …

November 2018 Newsletter

picture-november-2018Consuela heading for my Winter quarters. Some of my friends offered to make
sure I stop to rest often and I get there safe and kept reminding me I have not
related any stories. So here we go:

Almost all the leaves have turned, some struggle to stay on the trees, but nature
has a way of trying to stay on track much to the dismay of some of Earth
inhabitants. Much of the world encountered problems… BIG problems and so
many perished. Man and beast. Read more …

October 2018 Newsletter

wood-bearCONSUELA coming to you live…well., somewhat. Been napping in the
hammock long enough, time to get moving, after all I have to eat a lot since it is
almost time for me to hibernate. If fact I have been eating quiet a bit, which resulted
in getting nightmares. OH WHAT IS THAT SMELL still in my nose! I thought this was
part of my nightmare but it’s not!

“Mr Skunk what are you doing here, have not encountered your kind in years. I know
there were many of you at one time so where did you come from after such a long

“ Sorry about the intrusion. I am aware of the smell associated with , so I thought it was
time to pay a visit since everything in the Human World stinks to high heaven. I came
quiet a ways. It took a while to find someone to tell me how to return to our previous
domain or I would have attended your gatherings earlier. Have you seen the
weather across the world? Read more …

September 2018 Newsletter


CONSUELA here. Trying to take in the last days of Summer. Not too busy to visit with
you while waiting for the rest of the gang to get here. As you can see it is rather dry at
Lilian’s. Only a few sprinkles in the last 2 months. She likes it because she does not
have to cut the grass and she considers herself lucky to live in Washington State, with
that having escaped all the storms and floods which have plagued the middle and east
coast of North America. Lucky you say? Read more …

August 2018 Newsletter

dna-bodyCONSUELA on the prowl again with some information you may have
missed ad-midst all the craziness of August. No one here except me so I
guess I will talk to myself while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.
Only two days out of Mercury Retrograde and and other planet starts
spinning backwards in our skies. This time it’s Saturn, the planet of karma,
responsibility and life lessons. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing
to panic over.

The meaning of Saturn IN Retrograde 2018 for your Zodiac Sign involves a
lot of karma. If you were hoping to celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde , not
so, not so. Not till August19th. Don’t plan any parties just yet. On July 26,
Saturn, one of the most feared planets in all of astrology,did move into
a retrograde. Anytime you have an event when two planets “run
backwards” it is reason for concern for man and beast.
Time for a Karmic Check In. Read more …

July 2018 Newsletter

Consuela reporting for you live…. now that is a line which gets your attention…. Better be careful or I will start sounding like my “Human” friends. They have a line for everything lately.

Lilian was hurt and had to have bed rest, So we hung around to help her. Of course we had to go about that in a careful way, as not to freak out the neighbors, us being wild animals and all…. But I am getting ahead of the story. What happened was that her long time friend and ex-director came to her rescue to repair some equipment in her old fashioned studio so she can finally continue producing her show from home, instead of the TV Station since the new way of doing things is so overwhelming to her. After almost a year of begging for someone to help her with said task she was so glad to see her old friend and he gave her the biggest hug she had in years. They heard a POP and both had the strangest look on their faces. Justin is a professional clown so his face was priceless and Lilian looked terrified. You should have seen it!
Read more …