August 2018 Newsletter

dna-bodyCONSUELA on the prowl again with some information you may have
missed ad-midst all the craziness of August. No one here except me so I
guess I will talk to myself while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.
Only two days out of Mercury Retrograde and and other planet starts
spinning backwards in our skies. This time it’s Saturn, the planet of karma,
responsibility and life lessons. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing
to panic over.

The meaning of Saturn IN Retrograde 2018 for your Zodiac Sign involves a
lot of karma. If you were hoping to celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde , not
so, not so. Not till August19th. Don’t plan any parties just yet. On July 26,
Saturn, one of the most feared planets in all of astrology,did move into
a retrograde. Anytime you have an event when two planets “run
backwards” it is reason for concern for man and beast.
Time for a Karmic Check In. Read more …

July 2018 Newsletter

Consuela reporting for you live…. now that is a line which gets your attention…. Better be careful or I will start sounding like my “Human” friends. They have a line for everything lately.

Lilian was hurt and had to have bed rest, So we hung around to help her. Of course we had to go about that in a careful way, as not to freak out the neighbors, us being wild animals and all…. But I am getting ahead of the story. What happened was that her long time friend and ex-director came to her rescue to repair some equipment in her old fashioned studio so she can finally continue producing her show from home, instead of the TV Station since the new way of doing things is so overwhelming to her. After almost a year of begging for someone to help her with said task she was so glad to see her old friend and he gave her the biggest hug she had in years. They heard a POP and both had the strangest look on their faces. Justin is a professional clown so his face was priceless and Lilian looked terrified. You should have seen it!
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Do you believe in Faeries?

cover-englisch-kleinThe Book:

This book wants to convince you that Faeries really exist.

It tells of Faeries‘ tasks on Earth, of their home in the Otherworld and explains what and who these nature spirits really are.

The author has the gift of occasionally seeing Faeries, talking with them and most of all photographing them.

Based on more than 70 original photos she gives a small insight into the fascinating variety of these wonderful creatures. Continue reading

June 2018 Newsletter

june-2018Consuela here, this month sure passed quickly. It is getting pretty complected to stay out of site, my relatives woke up and are being spotted in many places. They are being rounded up, some have been killed since Humans feel they own the Planet and we have nowhere to flourish. President 45 has even ordered…excuse me…allowed to kill our babies. I am glad I made the right decision not to give birth this year, dangerous times, dangerous times. MR MC Krekor is my Savior more often than not since he is ahead and above everything and has developed a way to alarm me when something is wrong. Mother nature is somewhat unbalanced I heard it said that a relative of Coug was starved and attacked 2 hikers, in fact he killed one of the men. That is very regrettable for the man but it also shows how desperate some of the “Wildlife” has become by everything being so overpopulated for men and beast. Read more …

May 2018 Newsletter

mayConsuela, Coug and Mr McKrekor heading for the Lake for some serious dinner. Ever so often a long walk is called for, especially since Spring has arrived.

The fish are plentiful and it is nice to share a meal with friends away from our regular hangout, Lilian’s place. What or who is this following us with a steady trod? A squirrel, nosy fella, but he is not a fish eater so he is not invited.

Hope he keeps his distance, look at him run with those little legs, wonder how he made out on April 19-20 when a shock wave in the solar winds hit the Earth magnetic field, sparking a strong G2-class geomagnetic storm and a rare “electric blue” aura that was visible to airplanes over Canada and some of the northern States of America. There it goes, guess we can’t ask. Read more …

April 2018 Newsletter

aprilSo here I am.. Consuela… finally up for the Summer. This wakening up and going back
to sleep just isn’t working for me any longer. It is still below ZERO some nights and
much of America is snowed under and ungodly cold. I am in Tumwater, WA and no
complains. Almost right away I made a new friend, we are both in a situation where we
have to watch ourselves because Humans find us dangerous, want to relocate us and
some even call for our death. Read more …

March 2018 Newsletter

marchConsuela here, is that you Mr McKrekor? I can’t see you but I can tell you are roaming
around me again. People sure think our friendship is an odd one, but so be it.

I just started waking up and exploring my surroundings when i ran into this crazy little
fella. He said he was a ground-hog and was expected to predict the weather. I asked
him if he knew you and he wasn’t sure, he said he had, however, encountered some of
your relatives earlier in the year and inquired if it was safe to try and reside in the same
area as last year. They thought the world was not so safe any longer for man or beast
and he would have to make his own decision about that. Since everything got so over
regulated we can only be responsible for our own choices unless we want to be
associated with beings and species somewhat savory and trapped in their own dilemmas.
They called it the “way of the present world.”  Read more …

February 2018 Newsletter

februarIt got a bit wet in my slumber place. I thought I was in a deep sleep but soon
realized that Mother Nature, thanks to my Human Co-inhibitors of the
Planet, truly suffers from Climate Change. So I decided to move around a
bit, poked my head out of the burrow I had dug for myself and saw a familiar
creature. MY, it is Mr McKrekor, Lilian’s friend who I met last year. He was
a bit startled to see me so early in the year, guess he was wondering where my
young one was, except I was a bit too young this time around and have to wait
till next Winter to become a Mother. Read more …