Here is the Scoop

The Cat

I am CAT. Actually I used to be a wild cat. I was born, raised and lived along a highway
till one day I saw houses. One of them had an open door so I marched right in to see
where this would lead me. The woman sitting in a chair said “Oh no, I do not want any
more animals. I can’t take care of myself I do NOT want a cat!” Instead of telling me to
get out she dished up a bowl of fresh caught smoked Tuna. She sat it in front of me and
said: “EAT you look so hungry.” She closed the door and I never left. She never found
a suitable name for me, so I am CAT. I am biologically a HE but she refers to me as a
SHE. Recently we watched many programs for Pride Day Celebrations and I wondered
myself if I was in fact a TWO SPIRIT.

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