Old news is new news

Excerpt from the book "The Big P" from 2009

For the world of me I was unable to figure out how we name the month and how we arrive at the meanings. So I typed in Wikepedia January meaning. http://www.answers.com/topic/january. Did it clarify anything for me? Not really.
January was an eventful month for us people of the planet Earth. Still thinking about the ramifications of this so-called new beginning, I was sitting in the parking lot of an office building, killing time before a meeting, when I noticed 3 trees swaying in the wind on a stormy day. It was quiet, except for the wind and the sound of an occasional saw, on this ungodly stormy day, people were absent to the point for a moment I thought I was the only person on the premise. I listened to the trees as they moved, swung back and forward with the wind, spinning at the top as the gusts caught the top of their crown. In the stillness I listened to their story. Read more ….


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