October 2019 Newsletter


Commander arrived, Is it safe to come in? The world is out of balance and
everything on Planet Earth up in the air so I am trying to find a safe space. Just
looking to rest my weary bones for a spell while so many are fighting for their
political soul. Just like Bees have been added to the endangered species list and are
needed for pollination of the Planet more and more Counties agree there is a real
change in opinion and deed of countries preventing to take “Pollen” from one place
to another. Everything is constricted due to the upheaval in the world. Read more …

September 2019 Newsletter


Commander here, head spinning. August had us living in two realities, it even appeared
to be more than two at times. The chaos created on the Planet was mostly man made and
some even welcomed the uncertainty Mother Nature bombarded some. Humans became
inventive as to how to ease their mind and pretend there was a bit of normalcy
occasionally, Normal was rare and far in-between. Read more …

August 2019 Newsletter

august-2019Commander here. And it is HOT! EVERYWHERE!

“ Look at this Crooket. The US President said Windmills cause Cancer but am I glad that at lease psychologically they are blowing the wind around. Do you know this was the hottest June/July ever recorded around the world? Read more …

July 2019 Newsletter

CommanderCommander here to report. Humans… for some reason… assume with the start of the New Year their life will change and when this fails for the most part, July 1st is another date when everything changes because it is the beginning of fiscal year.

HA HA like always it is an elusion. The American President must have had such unreachable daydreams when he ran into his own Brick Wall and several Supreme Court rulings along with lower court decisions stopped him from implementing some of his ideas. Read more …

June 2019 Newsletter


Commander here, trying to come to you from a surreal place. The place meets the description but there is nothing surreal about me these days, after all it is May and what a month it was. 2019 is almost half way over, really need to replenish my air-supply and take a deep breath of there just won’t be any left to exhale.
586 Tornadoes and counting.
Half of US is under water, just as Hopi prophecy predicted.
US is in a war of words and just look at the NW activity.
Read more …

May 2019 Newsletter

may-2019Commander here reporting from Old Highway 99. Yes it’s been that kind of a month.
Not sure what to call it, turbulent, all over the place, insane or oh well, this is our new
normal. More and more the country is dividing and grouping off so I am happy I have at
least one of MY KIND to kick it with and try to make sense out of the behavior of
mankind. Read more …

April 2019 Newsletter


As requested Commander checking in. Almost sounds formal, it is not intended to be I came to cheer you up and try to sort out the crazy time period which was MARCH 2019. The whole planet was on the move. Mercury retrograde bothered many which can present a problem if one does not acknowledge an event like that. There were Supermoons, MAJOR SUNFLARES, changes in the magnetic field and major weather events of which ALL effected the Planet and man and beast dwelling upon it. Before I take it global let me try to put things into a more local setting. Read more …

March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

Commander here. Just hanging around trying to make sense out of the last 28 days.
Nothing conventional about any of it. Been hanging around Lilian for 20 plus years and
she was as “DINGY” as the rest of the world. For one thing I remember BLACK
HISTORY MONTH past. It was always full of festivities. She would get dressed up
attending lectures, plays, dinners and give classes to educate or refresh peoples
memories what the month of February brought forward in reference to historical fact so
often overlooked by the newer generations. Not sure if it was the political temperature
or the horrendous weather conditions around the country which prevented …willfully or
circumstantial… that BHM just slipped away. Almost ALL of America was blanketed in
snow white in a literal sense. Read more …