03/25/2020 – Message and prophecy from Padre and Madre Universalis on the corona pandemic

Received by Renate Strang

The gods Padre Madre and Universalis receive me and my friends in the center of the Universe.

“We want to talk to you about what is happening on Earth. You have the virus, it came from China. It could have been from any other country in the world. But it came from China because it is overpopulated. In the market where it has appeared first, people step on the feet. The Earth is overpopulated completely and the virus has the task to reduce the population. Continue reading


A last report 2019

last-reportCommander coming at you from TCMEDIA. Stopped by for a quick visit to say my
Adieus. Imagine the surprise when I notified all my visit was done and I am returning
home to address my own problems, rather than EARTH STUFF. I give up you need
more help than I can provide for you. I am ready for therapy myself. 12 Earth month is a
short time for me in my world but long when I think back on the physical earth clock
and living with you. I was looking for a loving, welcoming environment, instead your
world is full of hate and not organized at all. Remember Croocket and I arrived without
a passport and being a foreigner has not been easy in your land. Read more …

December 2019 Newsletter

Commander in winter

Commander here,surprised that Winter came so early, heard it supposed to go in this
order on Planet Earth: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In 2019 it skipped Fall
and went straight to Winter, an icy mess. Looks pretty but I would like for you to know
it is COLD!
Was looking for a cape to keep myself warm but to no avail, ran out of time to employ a
seamstress. Just look at this mess. And this is only the West Coast of America. Read more …

November 2019 Newsletter

Picture for Newsletter November 2019Commander coming to you from space facing an imaginary wall which is just as
ridicules as the planned wall and money pit proposed on the continent of America. As
time moves right along it becomes more obvious daily what a waste and how sad
something monstrous like this takes priority over Human issues. Issues and solutions as
to improve lives of inhabitants of the planet which are…oddly enough… all made from
the same components all over this Blue Planet I am looking at from here. Read more …

October 2019 Newsletter


Commander arrived, Is it safe to come in? The world is out of balance and
everything on Planet Earth up in the air so I am trying to find a safe space. Just
looking to rest my weary bones for a spell while so many are fighting for their
political soul. Just like Bees have been added to the endangered species list and are
needed for pollination of the Planet more and more Counties agree there is a real
change in opinion and deed of countries preventing to take “Pollen” from one place
to another. Everything is constricted due to the upheaval in the world. Read more …

September 2019 Newsletter


Commander here, head spinning. August had us living in two realities, it even appeared
to be more than two at times. The chaos created on the Planet was mostly man made and
some even welcomed the uncertainty Mother Nature bombarded some. Humans became
inventive as to how to ease their mind and pretend there was a bit of normalcy
occasionally, Normal was rare and far in-between. Read more …

August 2019 Newsletter

august-2019Commander here. And it is HOT! EVERYWHERE!

“ Look at this Crooket. The US President said Windmills cause Cancer but am I glad that at lease psychologically they are blowing the wind around. Do you know this was the hottest June/July ever recorded around the world? Read more …

July 2019 Newsletter

CommanderCommander here to report. Humans… for some reason… assume with the start of the New Year their life will change and when this fails for the most part, July 1st is another date when everything changes because it is the beginning of fiscal year.

HA HA like always it is an elusion. The American President must have had such unreachable daydreams when he ran into his own Brick Wall and several Supreme Court rulings along with lower court decisions stopped him from implementing some of his ideas. Read more …