03/25/2020 – Message and prophecy from Padre and Madre Universalis on the corona pandemic

Received by Renate Strang

The gods Padre Madre and Universalis receive me and my friends in the center of the Universe.

“We want to talk to you about what is happening on Earth. You have the virus, it came from China. It could have been from any other country in the world. But it came from China because it is overpopulated. In the market where it has appeared first, people step on the feet. The Earth is overpopulated completely and the virus has the task to reduce the population. Not all people will die. At the moment, the elderly are most at risk, because they cannot do anything for the future of the Earth. They also die, so the young people wake up. You are just at the beginning. Countless people will be infected and many will die. ”

“The great death will keep the planet under control until around July and August, then the virus will disappear suddenly. Until then, the Earth has time to recover a bit and breathe and you realize, that overpopulation is bad for Earth, because suddenly you have clean air, see a blue sky, have clean water. You realize, that planet Earth was tormented by you. Those who recognize this, will not die. ”

” In the summer the planet will cry for its dead. The crisis will teach you to control births and to be there for the poor people. This is already a positive effect. But at some point the money is used up. Then there is no more money, not for the poor people and not for business. But you will get over the crisis. ”

“It must be, because Earth needs a cleaning. There are too many people on this planet. You can barely feed them without harming the Earth. You poison the soil, the water, the air. If you are fewer people, you do not need as much of the toxins and Mother Earth can recover. ”

“This is Mother Earth’s last attempt to free herself and not to become like Mars or Venus. People have it in their hands now. The survivors have to realize that they can no longer reproduce like rabbits and that there are other values than profit and mammon, that a clean Earth is the greatest value ever. When they realize this, it will be peace on Earth. The virus is there to bring people to their senses. ”

“After this crisis, people have everything at hand to change, to become more spiritual, to become different. Spirituality and faith in the gods give power during this period. Even if people die, it’s easier for them, when they believe in gods. ”

” It is hard what is coming and all survivors will survive with tears on their faces, because they have lost family members, friends. And with these tears on the face they can build a better world. But it is your job to build this Earth, it does not change by itself.”


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