Uncanny Parallel thoughts. 2012 and 2020.

Each person is saying the same thing in their way, this is awesome! We are ALL on the same page and the same thought pattern….

I thought about the wisdom of community living, a few days ago.

Looking at the posts today I see a story unfolding…Each person is saying the same thing in their way, this is awesome! We are ALL on the same page and the same thought pattern…. I am going to spend a little time on that thought, what an idea for a newsletter! To remind you I have 9 languages on my FB, friends cover the 4 corners of the planet, have different lives and here we are…. WOW!!! JUNE 11 2012, have to remember this date.

What actually started all this was strange rainbows seen by many in different locations, it kind of looked like a rainbow, except some colors were missing and instead of having an arch it was square. Because it caught so many’s attention we all had something in common. Myself, I thought it was chemicals. Had seen this before when the near by Military Post used “LIVE AMMUNITION” and it lingered for hours. Closer to the ground, yet, the same colors in the Chemicals.

In the age of technology we are able to reconstruct the past, there isn’t hardly anyone unaware of our not so distant past. The past I speak of does not have to be thousands of years ago, just go back a few hundred years. Community was very important. When the European tribes congregated, they picked sites next to riverbeds, meadows and sometimes at the bottom of mountains, or elevations. It was there they raised families and had the INSTINCTIVE wisdom to care for one another and share the resources available to them, at that time.

African villages were built on the same principle, including communities of rock dwellers. Bedouins travel together and there was ALWAYS community, even when on the move. Gypsies have traveled in community for thousands of years, also.

Longhouses were good homes for people who intended to stay in the same place for a long time. A Longhouse is large and takes a lot of time to build and decorate. The Iroquois were farming people who lived in permanent villages. Iroquois men sometimes built wigwams for themselves when they were going on hunting trips, but women might live in the same Longhouse their whole life.

So I thought about America, MODERN America. We raise our children with the thought to teach them independence. I suppose it was a good idea, at one time. When young we think we have all the answers and live forever. We are yearning for freedom from responsibility and we want our privacy, our own life, wanting to do what we really wanted to do for ourselves, what ever we think that is. HMMM. America changed, we struggle for the mighty dollar, food, and everything else we need to maintain a fairly good life style. We managed to have taught our children well, they left home and in some cases moved far away, struggling themselves. We skype and text and call for a few minutes, we call it staying in touch.

For argument’s sake lets look at this for a minute. I have 2 children. For much of the time there was 1 income to maintain living. (3) people. 1 son left, 1 income to maintain himself and 1 child. (2) people. 1 daughter left. 1 income to maintain herself and 8 children. (9) people.

1 granddaughter left. 2 incomes to maintain 3 people.
1 granddaughter left. 2 incomes to maintain 3 people.
1 granddaughter left. 1 income to maintain 2 people.
1 grandson left. 2 incomes to maintain 2 people.

Housing, food, medical, clothes, school, childcare, transportation, electronics…. necessary at this time in history….. add it up, how it applies to you and your family… Each part of the same original family is struggling and almost unable to help the other part of the family…should the need arise… without taking essentials away from themselves.

Imagine, for a moment, if we had promoted family community instead and occupied a Longhouse!

Initially I was not raised my by biological family. In my adult life I became close with members of my biological family and discovered….to my amazement… that we share many habits, traits and idiocies, even though we are scattered to the four corners of the Earth. I came to the conclusion that many similarities are imbedded in our DNA and rely on cellular memory. For instance: More often than not, some of us will wear the same clothes on the same day. We will cook the same meals on the same day. We struggle with identical issues on the same day. We dream the same dreams….. sometimes in different stages…. in the same night. And yes… we share the same irritating habits we only recently discovered about each other, habits, which continued through many generations.

I had my days mixed up when I was all ready to watch a new episode of Ancient Aliens. All comfortable in my chair, fresh brewed coffee next to me, my smokes and lighter within reach and Girly Girl, my constant companion across from me reclining.

I was ready for 2 hours of serious TV time. Due to my mix up in days the show about to air was Cruxification. Not my cup of tea. I checked the program and the show following that on was The Plague. Not my cup of tea either. Something made me take a look. Cruxification looked at this mode of execution, it explained the agony from a medical point of view, the time period and cultures, which employed this mode of torture. It was terrible. What I did NOT know was that NAZI GERMANY had resurrected this terrible practice for a brief time.

The Plague gave a history and time period of the Black Plague, the causes and the behavior of the people. It also touched on biological warfare. The two hours I struggled with watching both of these uncomfortable hours of Television stayed with me for the remainder of the month. Here is how they fit into my newsletter: We live in a difficult time period. Some suffer more than others. Not to minimize the troubles of the rest of the world, for the purpose of my thought pattern on this subject, I am going to look at it from an American prospective. Somehow we have managed to maneuver ourselves into a strange position. Religions, Financial Casts, Racial Tension and Political Parties have divided our country. It appears everyone is in a power struggle. What is beyond me is that if the Christian population truly believes that Jesus died in such a horrible fashion, his teachings, and sacrifice should be honored with compassion for our fellow man. I have no idea at what point things got so mixed up that people got so ruthless and selfish. Humanity is taking a back seat at the moment, almost like we have incorporated it in our thinking of you are grown, move out and fetch for yourself.

When the Black Plague arrived families and communities were still close units. It was caused by poverty, division of wealth and fleas. For a time they took care of one another. At one point they realized survival took precedence and dispersed, leaving communities to fetch for themselves. In the process they allowed SELF APPOINTED SAVIORS to take the lead. They, the movement, originated in Germany. They called themselves FLAGELLANTS, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellant. They were a group of people which offered themselves in a self mutilating, sacrificial way to stop the plague, in case it was caused by God. Maybe they started out genuinely thinking they were doing the right thing, nothing else had changed anything. Once they acquired followers they brutally and in Draconian fashion seized power over the people and eventually churches. Millions died, not from the Plague, but from the terror reign of the Flagellants. It took military action to stop this movement. Only after this horrible time period was over did the survivors adjust and build new societies.

Do we need a Plague to take a look at our present times, NO, but it would be wise to take a look at our not so distant past and learn from it. We NEED to show love and compassion for our fellow man and in THEORY head for the Longhouse if we want to better ourselves. We NEED to take a look at the sacrifices the ones before us made for us to try and achieve a better life. Disassembling ourselves is NOT the answer.

June was a historical month. Healthcare survived and many loving “Like-minded” people came together and tried finding beginnings to make things better. Right To Know labeling GMO food petition was filed in Washington State.

Virtual communities came together and formed prayer Circles for the people afflicted by EARTH,WIND and FIRE. Virtual communities came together to comfort sick and distraught people. Virtual communities came together to share SELF-HELP. Virtual communities came together to educate each other with facts on the political scene. Virtual communities came together to sing and dance. Virtual communities came together and shared their lives with one another.

On the 27th, I realized TCTV had no show to air on Tuesday, I rushed to the station to turn in a show. Station was closed, I sat for a minute to try and figure out how I was going to get a show to the programmer. I smelled what I thought was old fashion TIDE. When I looked up I saw the same strange chemical rainbow formation we all had seen a few weeks earlier. I drove 10 miles, the color display remained and was visible for all of that distance. After arriving home I lost interest, but the TIDE…. cleaning solution type…smell lingered for several hours.

Often wondered if my viewers question why, on occasions, I have filmed in my bathroom. It is said for better than 100 years, on my side of the family…there have been long sink-counters, or something equal to it…in the bathroom, A meeting place… In the 70’s we used to listen to a HAM-radio. It would only work when we wrapped aluminum foil around the antenna and while holding it about shoulder length, we ducktaped it to the wall. It was an uncomfortable way to get information….but it worked and we were willing to do it, we thought it was important. Bathroom is also the only place we still have privacy from outside sources. Bathroom can save your life during a Tornado. I am heading there now… and here they sit…on the bathroom counters…..like Humpty Dumpties.

Love and Light
July 2012


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