Introduction by Tim Loncarich from the book „The Big P”

As a child I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and was taught that things like psychic phenomenon, aliens and UFOs could only come from evil spirits and the people who experienced such things were cavorting with the devil, so I naturally buried my own experiences deep in my subconscious and created a version of reality which excluded such things. As a result, my version of reality was not very real and didn’t provide me with the means to comprehend my greater reality, nor did it allow me to process the emotions related to such experiences.

As I became a teenager I started thinking more for myself and started remembering more of my childhood. I remembered a near-death experience at age four and a life-time of alien encounters. However, I didn’t know anyone I could talk to about such things and so wrote-off important parts of my existence as mere imagination.

In my mid-twenties I was kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed in a staged alien abduction by the military because I knew too much about the the CIA’s drug smuggling through Central America in what would later become known as Iran-Contra. The experience remained buried deep in my subconscious under three hours of missing time until a couple of years later when I suffered sleep deprivation from working 18 hours a day. Once the memories started leaking out a post-hypnotic suggestion was activated and I sought out a California hypno-therapist who specialized in alien abductions and secretly worked for the Air Force. My crash-course in military mind control had reached the next level.

The hypnotic regressions brought out much more than just the memories related to my military abduction. It allowed me to recover my past and my own natural psychic abilities and to become aware of a much greater reality. As a result, I started researching consciousness and developing my own abilities. The more aware I became the more strange experiences I started having and the more sensitive I became. The new awareness enabled me to start a life-long quest to understand the human experience.

When I first met Lilian she was the kind of person I had been warned about as a child and so she was a bit scary to me but at the same time I instantly recognized her as a kindred spirit. She was the first person I met that I could talk to about about the strange things I had experienced who really knew what I was talking about and didn’t think that I was weird or crazy.

Like many others, Lilian has inspired me to be myself, not ignore the high strangeness and accept it as a meaningful part of my journey and grow from it. Like me, Lilian has struggled with her own experiences with govt. mind control and encounters with things seemingly not of this world. She has coped with the experiences with a grace and courage that few others would have the strength for. She has never given up in her quest for answers and to be herself, even when she wasn’t sure who she really was.

To many people, Lilian is a bit kooky, but that is only because they don’t know her. The kookiness is just an ingenious disguise and a way to reach the people she really needs to.

Our time here is far too short to spend on those who aren’t ready to open their eyes to the greater reality.

For over a decade her courage has inspired me, helped me keep my balance and continue the struggle to comprehend the world in which I find myself. She is one of the very few people on Earth that I dare call a true friend. It is my hope that I can continue to be honored with her friendship.

As souls, we are all here in this reality for the same basic reasons: to gain experience, grow stronger, develop compassion and help others. These things are all that we take with us when we depart from this reality and it is these things which make us who we are and make our next life more interesting and meaningful.

As you read the following please do so with an open mind and heart and allow its truth and wisdom to sink in where it can work its magic. It may not all make sense to your human mind but your soul will understand and grow from the experience.

I hope that you enjoy your journey with That Person of High Strangeness as much as I have.

Tim Loncarich


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