September 2017 Newsletter

Mr McKrekor PRESENT….with my Sweetheart having lunch and trying to
sort out the crazy month of August.

I wanted to discuss the possibility of a soon to be marriage and having our
nest made before the cold and rain came back….a hard winter is predicted
but she wanted to talk about the stars and the moon. I think she is hanging
out with Lilian and her friends more than I realized. But who am I to
complain, was it not for that I would not have ran into this beauty and I
trying to her make mine….

Lilian did a work up on an update for 2017 events and posted her findings.
Mercury usually turns retrograde three times a year, but in 2017 there are
four Mercury retrograde phases,at this time Mercury Retrograde in Virgo:
August 12, 2017. Read more …


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