October 2017 Newsletter

october-2017Mr McKrekor returning from a flight and ready to report.  The world was suppose to end “Again” on September 23,2017.  Lilian said it was a bunch of crap, but I was not taking any chances.  It was because there was so much left to do…. just in case…. and I soared like an Eagle to gather all I could for you.  I know, I know, Eagle I am not, but things are such that it appears everyone is lying from the very TOP down… guess I can away with it, since I am just a humble Crow.

Storms Irma and Maria ravaged much of the land.  Irma Florida and Maria was so stubborn she wiped out Dominica and Puerto Rico.  I will tell it to you in order as to not to confuse you.  Lilian knows people in the 4-corners of the world, so it was this time.  Again she set up a HUB and made calls for people affected by the winds and floods. Read more …


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