Rough update for 2017

Today I took a look at what is coming. I did not clean it up or put my opinion in it. So here it is:

  1. Persons Ego will re-enforced because of flattery. A leader who agitates. Necessary to have power of decision.
    This is Trump. He is never going to change and it is up to the people to make a decision as to keep their leader or not. It would appear by the time they make up their mind it is almost the end of the term and much destruction has taken place. Can only hope I am wrong and there will be a quick solution…

  1. KRONOS looks scary, but is harmless if you pay attention. Very tough on the outside, but can be reasoned with.
    Kronos is a mystical animal resembling a walrus with a horn. It looks scary but is within it’s own species a gentle being which likes to be left alone and not react unless attacked.
    I think this AT THIS MOMENT is North Korea, He will back down as soon as he no longer feels threatened and he wants to be validated. Small dogs bark loud and often to be heard and true, their bite can be sharp and painful if they nip at your ankles.
  1. Sadness, hidden energies, loss of freedom, uncontrollable fear, lack of communications.
  2. Confusion. Do not let yourself be carried away by passion or greed.
    Some think all is well and fall victims to delusion.
  3. Your protection will become your prison.
  4. Metal, wood, defend and attack. Excessive force. problems with security do to bad performance.
    The disorder on the top will continue, so will police brutality.
  5. Time lost, false promises. The bread you deny others will be taken away from you.
    Many allies are turning their back on us because they lost respect and noticed our uncaring ways.
  6. You got what you wanted. Social standing is unstable and your circle will be endless.
    This makes references to electing Trump.
  7. Uneasiness, nervousness, numb feeling…it is a mental block. Do NOT wait till sadness knocks on the door…. get back to reality!
  8. Sorrow, confusion, tears. Psychic inability due to underlying violence, hard to determine anything.
  9. False promises and vanishing success.
  10. Fire, failures of fuel and electricity due to corruption. Someone wants what belongs to us. Creditors demanding payment and much death————– WAR.
  11. A need to cocoon, you should have taken an advantage of the bonanza, only thing now is to wait for a new opportunity. It is YOUR FAULT.



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