Hidden tenants in trees

cover-mit-textMy friend Renate Strang from Germany likes to take photos of trees and mirrors them to show the beings inside. She edited a beautiful book with 50 of her great photos, compared by quotes and poems of known and unknown authors.  On the book cover you can read.

„Hidden Tenants In Trees“ is your invitation to an unusual journey into the world of trees.
Let the faces, figures and ornaments carry you through a cosmos beyond our reality.
Dream, imagine, meditate …

50 colored photos of mirrored trees take you into a universe beyond our reality. Each photo is accompanied by a quote, poem or text, which fits the spirit of the tree.

„The book is so outstanding. Only at this time, you can capture those wonderful pictures.
Renate Strang has recognized this opportunity and created an indescribable artwork. I will recommend it to all my viewers. Thank you Renate, for these unique images.“

Lilian Mustelier
Author, Television Producer, Lecturer
Olympia, Washington

The book is a beautiful gift for all friends of nature. It’s only available online at amazon.


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