PLUTO/SCORPIO- Forecast November 2016



by Sandy Johnson

The planet Pluto/Minerva rules the sign of Scorpio.  Minerva is considered the goddess of wisdom, and rules the highest octave of the planet Pluto.  When Pluto is at its lowest level in the depths of its own darkness, it must sprout wings and grow internally and reach toward the light, it is essential that they do this for their “highest good”. Before the higher aspects and qualities of Pluto can emerge in the individual, their personality must under go many changes at the very deepest level of self. Always the individuals born under the sign of Scorpio must make the choice between “Heaven and Hell”, at the very basic inner core of themselves. Depending upon which house Pluto falls in the astrology chart will indicate the area in which they must do the inner purging of their personalities. Pluto rules earthquakes, volcanoes, plumbing and all that is underground and hidden from the natural eye. Since Pluto is so connected to the underground, it is not surprising that it also rules the mafia, plumbing and volcanoes.  Pluto can either manifest itself as a saint or devil. In its negative manifestations it can be destructive, willful, obsessive and depressive. In its more positive aspects it can be willing, wise, light, constructive and integrated. So it appears that the Pluto individual must take a serious look at them selves and learn to integrate these different parts in order and find a positive balance within. Once they are able to do this they will find much peace and happiness in their lives.

The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio from October 21st to November 21st.  Scorpio is considered to be “the hidden, stagnant marsh waters that must be cleansed by the free-flowing waters of life”.  And its keyword is “I create” which is only fitting as Scorpio individuals have so much intensity and depth. Scorpio also rules the generative system in the body, and all that has to do with life, death and transformation in the physical form. It is considered the mystery sign of the zodiac and is often associated with death. Yes Scorpio is associated with death, but it is not only the physical death as much as it is all about the internal transformation of the individual. the individual will be faced with a constant struggle between the soul and the personality. And they must make a serious choice between manifesting their behavior as a Devil or angel in theory. They will always have the choice to go with the higher octave of their sign or the lower octave. The ego and personality must be cleansed and reconnected to the depths of their soul and spirit. Once they are able to this, they will have a totally positive, new outlook on their lives.


Mia Howard-Rubinstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore, Tracee Ellis, Meg Ryan, Jodi Foster, Julia Roberts, Joni Mitchell, Goldie Hawn, Thandie Newton, Jaclyn Smith,  Ruby Dee,Bo Derek, Grace Kelly, Willow Smith, Grace Slick, Gabrielle Newton, Ivanka Trump, Winona Ryder, Lisa Bonet, Sally Field, Roseanne Barr,  Nia Long, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton and Indira Gandhi.


Bill Gates, Billy Graham,  Colin Kaepernick,Calvin Klein, Dan Rather, Lamar Odom, Walter Cronkite, George S. Patton, Prince Charles, Robert F. Kennedy, P Diddy, Larry King, John Candy, Joaquin Phoenix, Tracy Morgan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Martin Scorsese, Damon Wayans Jr,  Danny Devito, Dylan Thomas, Michael Strahan, Burt Lancaster and Dylan McDermott.


Hello Scorpio, and welcome to the month of November. This will be a very interesting and profitable month for you.  Much to your surprise, many of the projects you have been working on will be coming into fruition this month. So “hang in there” and enjoy the ride. You are very good at remaining steadfast and on target about the things you want to complete. This month you will not be any different.  You may have some family issue from the past, that you may have to straighten out, but it is no big deal. Financially, this will be a very good month for you in all respects. In the area of love and romance don’t make any major changes.


Hello Sagittarius, and welcome to the month of  November.  This month will be a bit  up down the in the beginning of November.  But not to worry you will handle it just fine.  The last two weeks will flow with much more ease than the beginning of the month  So just hang in there. You will be making much better decisions for yourself in the later part of this month. You will have a very clear head and vision about where you are going with your life. Financially, it may be a bit slow, but will get better. In the area of love and romance just relax and go with the flow.


Hello Capricorn`’ and welcome to the month of November.  The earlier part of this month will be a bit more challenging than the later part of the. Month. You are usually a very clear headed person and especially when you need to be calm and this month will not be any different.  You have some very important decisions to make this month that will be long lasting.  You do not have time to worry you will do fine, as usual. Also you have quite a few people in your life that always support you. And they are helping you as usual. Financially, this will be very good month for you.  In the area of love and romance there will not be any major changers yet for you.


Hello Aquarius and welcome to the month of November.  This month will be a bit difficult because Scorpio and Aquarius are in hard aspect to one another. And this does not call for an easy going month for you.  What is important here is that you learn how to cope with the negative energies with a positive and not give up attitude ok.  Just “hang in there with all that you have got” This ought not to be as hard for you as you are a very strong person and nothing keeps you down. You have always been able to handle things and take care of yourself so reach into that energy and go with it.. Financially, your month will be very positive and flow easily. In the area of love and romance, you may meet someone new.


Hello Pisces, and welcome to the month of November. This will be a very free-flowing month for you, and what a surprise that will be. You have just wanted things to slow down a bit and this month that will be happening, what a surprise, enjoy it. You are at a point this month that you need to make some major changes that in the end will work out for you. So stop, relax and take your time from there. Do not worry you will make the correct decisions, that is something you have always been able to do with ease, so why change now. Financially, your monies will be a bit improved so enjoy it. the area of love and romance just relax and enjoy yourself.


Hello Aries, and welcome to the month of November. This will be a relatively easy month for you. You have finally figured out how to put all of your “ducks in a Row” in your life. There is a possibility that you may start a new project that you have been thinking about for a long time. This is a good month to do just that and don’t hold back ok. Just go ahead and do it. You have always been very at just getting atarted and going for it with all that you have. Financially, This will be a very good month for you. In the area of love and romance don’t hurry into anything to fast.


Hello Taurus elcome to the month of November.  You would just love to have this month flow easy and even, well that is not how it will be at least not in the first two weeks. You ought to spend those two weeks just working through the issues you are going through both personally and work wise. This is the perfect time for you to do this, and if you do so, you will see everything settle down very much. So take this month to get yourself in order ok.  Financially, your monies will not change in any major way, either bad or good. In the area of love and romance and just enjoy the one you are with.


Hello Gemini; and welcome to the month of November.  There will be many major changes for you this month… These changes will be very positive in nature so enjoy the adventure. This is what you would call a very smart month in the sense that whatever you may do, it will end up working out positive.  The universe is looking out for you right now. This will be a month where the angels will definitely be watching over you.  This is good so enjoy it for now. This month of new beginnings for you, although it may not feel like it at this time.  Financially, this month will not have many major changes. In the area of love and romance just enjoy yourself.


Hello Cancer, and welcome to the month of November .   November will be good month for you especially because this is just what you need, Part of this is because the aspects of the sun in Scorpio to your sun in Cancer are good through out the month, and they are in a aspect that is very positive.  Many continued and new opportunities will be coming your way, Also this is a perfect time for you to be doing exactly what you are doing. So keep doing what you are doing and watch the positive results manifest for you. Enjoy the ride and the adventure.  Financially, this month will be very interesting to begin with but will be very good in the end, in the area of love and romance you may be pleasantly surprised.


Hello Leo, and welcome to the month of November,   Oh what an interesting month this will be for you, in various different ways.  Ultimately this will be a very good month for you, so take time to enjoy it. You always have a lot of energy and November will not be any different. three different projects that you will be working on and you will be working very hard on all of them. But actually the best advice for you is to slim it down to two and you will se better results in the end. If you do this, all will be good. Financially, your monies will be god and have no worries there. In the area of love and romance, you just don’t seem to be that interested.


Hello Virgo, and welcome to the month of November.  This will be a very interesting and good month for you, so you are not to worry. You have been soo busy the last few months that all you want to do is settle down for a bit and relax.  Now you may actually get and opportunity to do so this month, so seize it when you get the chance.  Besides all of your crazy busy stuff, you had no time for work.  This month will be much better all around in both areas. You will finally have sometime to attend to your work finally. Financially, your monies will be improved a bit. In the area of love and romance there will not be any major changes.


Hello Libra, and welcome to the month of November.  This will be a relatively easy month for you. Many of the things that you have been waiting to come into being this month  will .  This will make you a very happy person as you have so many projects and things you would like to do, and very soon you will be able to do so.  So just hang on and enjoy the adventure you are on. Financially, this will be a very positive month for you.  In the area of love and romance things are progressing in a positive manner for you.


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