February 2019 Newsletter

february-2019-2Commander just hanging around to get an overview as to the Going On’s and there are quiet a few! Not all together true, the reason for the hanging part, but I feel like Lilian when she has a back ache, not comfortable anywhere, just want to hang from the ceiling.

She is sitting in her chair just chatting away with her Niece, she is surrounded by the most wonderful people. Melani reports:

Searching for a new direction. Yesterday I volunteer for the (PIT) point in time count of
homeless people. I walked into the Providence community care clinic and I saw a young
lady that struggles but amazing. She ask if she could hug me. She is not homeless
anymore but love to hangout and encourage. I looked up and there were so many people
in different places of their lives. Then I saw 3 young men in front of a 3 sinks watching
their arm pits. I just started crying.  Read more …


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