October 2018 Newsletter

wood-bearCONSUELA coming to you live…well., somewhat. Been napping in the
hammock long enough, time to get moving, after all I have to eat a lot since it is
almost time for me to hibernate. If fact I have been eating quiet a bit, which resulted
in getting nightmares. OH WHAT IS THAT SMELL still in my nose! I thought this was
part of my nightmare but it’s not!

“Mr Skunk what are you doing here, have not encountered your kind in years. I know
there were many of you at one time so where did you come from after such a long

“ Sorry about the intrusion. I am aware of the smell associated with , so I thought it was
time to pay a visit since everything in the Human World stinks to high heaven. I came
quiet a ways. It took a while to find someone to tell me how to return to our previous
domain or I would have attended your gatherings earlier. Have you seen the
weather across the world? Read more …


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