August 2018 Newsletter

dna-bodyCONSUELA on the prowl again with some information you may have
missed ad-midst all the craziness of August. No one here except me so I
guess I will talk to myself while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.
Only two days out of Mercury Retrograde and and other planet starts
spinning backwards in our skies. This time it’s Saturn, the planet of karma,
responsibility and life lessons. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing
to panic over.

The meaning of Saturn IN Retrograde 2018 for your Zodiac Sign involves a
lot of karma. If you were hoping to celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde , not
so, not so. Not till August19th. Don’t plan any parties just yet. On July 26,
Saturn, one of the most feared planets in all of astrology,did move into
a retrograde. Anytime you have an event when two planets “run
backwards” it is reason for concern for man and beast.
Time for a Karmic Check In. Read more …


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