Do you believe in Faeries?

cover-englisch-kleinThe Book:

This book wants to convince you that Faeries really exist.

It tells of Faeries‘ tasks on Earth, of their home in the Otherworld and explains what and who these nature spirits really are.

The author has the gift of occasionally seeing Faeries, talking with them and most of all photographing them.

Based on more than 70 original photos she gives a small insight into the fascinating variety of these wonderful creatures.

Not all people can see Faeries in the photos. For the book, however, images were selected in which the Faeries are clearly visible.

My opinion:

Some people have the ability to capture “UNUSUAL” events, creatures and phenomena on video or camera. Renate Strang is one of those people. Just think about the love, time and effort it took to capture numerous “Faeries” and other entities in the “OTHERWORLD” for our enjoyment. Renate, as a Trance Channel, is able to explain the life and purpose of her Otherworldly Friends. Even if you only appreciate the pictures of the uncanny talent of making contact, I would highly recommend for you to add this book to your collection. On a personal note I think she is my most logical, practical person from my circle of friends….and THAT my friends, is saying a lot! Take a look, you will be in awe of what the world has to offer.

The book is available at


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