November 2017 Newsletter


October, October Mr. McKrekor says. My feathers are ruffled, what a month it has

For a minute I thought everything was transpiring smoothly, bordering on boring
because it all appeared to deal with the same subjects… depending who was having the
conversation and all of a sudden…. things went stellar!

Lilian displayed her weirdest mood we have ever seen her in, to the point I wanted to
find myself another place to live. Moody does not describe what she was experiencing it
was just wild. Grant you she was very upset when she found out that she was allergic
the the Medical Clinic she visits and I don’t want to undermine the fact she almost
choked to death for the 3rd time but PLEASE help me….. I have a family to look out for.
Not to mention that we were in shock when we discovered our “BABY” turned out to be
a Kookuk …. We have adjusted to the idea we are different and Multi-Birdel, I guess
why we felt it was a good choice to remain with our Human Friend Lilian…. Just look at
us… Read more …


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