March 2017 Newsletter

pow-wowMr MCKREKOR reporting!  Not that it is hard to find worms these days, in fact the worm is in about EVERYTHING I look at.  All I have to do is turn my keen eye to the ground and there it is!

While I am deciding if I should stick with the worms or aim for the food Lilian left for me I can hear the news inside of the house.  There is no lack of information, she leaves the TV on ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.  You think she would loose her mind with all the negative things they, on TV, talk about.

She insists people have to be informed and yells at the television set at times.  I think she knows everyone’s voice and doesn’t even look while cooking, just laughs hysterically and yells at the Anchors.  Well great, she must have been to Trader Joe’s and bought some “natural” bird seed.  Wish I knew what it suppose to have tasted like before it was poisoned with GMO’s.  But to tell it right, it only takes a few minutes to drive the extra mile and come as close to real food as we can these days.  She, Lilian was excited to learn that ALDI owns Trader Joe’s, which explained the prices.  It is almost impossible to get healthy food.  Main Stream News is finally talking about Chemtrails, and the pollution of the Oceans.  I think now that the President has refered to the news as the enemy of the people they just started to tell it all.  Good, NEWS should be neutral and not afraid of the government.  It has also been reported that the nuclear accident due to the Tsunami is now responsible. Read more …



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