Canary, 6.8

Canaries are birds that in the olden days were use to monitor the toxins in the mines and warn the miners of approaching dangers.)

We have all been talking about the earth changes, about how we are right in the middle of them and what a welcomed chain of events that will be. Well……
When the earth shook for 45 seconds on Feb. 28 2001 and measured 6.8 on the scale, I remember thinking: WHAT IN THE **** IS That!!!!!!. It never answered me. So lets go backwards and see what took place here and how it affected ONE Lightworker, me.
All the signs had been there, but even I did not make the connection all together. Being very affected by frequency changes and the information that NASA e-mails every day it was right in front of my face.
The sun magnetic reversed only a week prior and when my granddaughter Destiny noticed how strange the incoming tide was, as it came in it formed a channel and went backwards, we talked about it and wondered why that was. Read more …


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