Shame on you!

I ventured out to TCTV today, I was able to drive like always and think my confinement at home is done, maybe I will take it slow. While at the station someone reminded me what I said on the Predictions. I saw BIRDS…The first time it was planes at 9.11. Today it was Turkey…they are birds in a 3rd eye.
I stopped at Trader Joes. When I came oyt I had a note on my car from some radical Christian Church it said: AND GOD WILL JUDGE YOU. I guess they were making reference to the Logo on my car listing the UFO Hotline. which BTW is hooked to some Police Emergency Systems. At least it was at one time unless it changed. I thought about how radical some people are, the same thing people want to shield themself from, just another name. Shame on you!

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