I want to share a “Newsletter” I wrote from August 2006. It is timely now because it effects so many of us. Feeling Earthquaky, do you?

Newsletter – August 2006

Since we as a people have gotten used to color coding a multitude of things, objects events and or occurrences these past five years one could agree that Mr. Yuck Stickers are utterly outdated.  No one has to explain to us what it is we are looking at when the weather map displays an array of multi charted red zones.  You got it – Heat Wave.  We seek desperately to blame someone for our temporary dilemma mainly the opposite which is a deep freeze while hoping for the opposite to like magic appear on command.  This of course does not happen in an instant and our anxiety multiplies as a result of our impatience.  Nothing seems to go our way these days.  Everyone is heading for the department store in order to purchase that one more fan.  Surprise, surprise.  We did not know it would get hot.  I did not order this.  No one told me.  Ask a three year old how he or she feels if they are capable of arranging their words properly they may tell you they are so stressed.  But stress as defined in part by Webster is “burdened, pressure, tension, urgency, accent, emphasis, significance and wait.”  In 1994 my very first article ever published appeared in a little local paper.  It is entitled “Feeling Earthquaky”.  When I opened the paper it read “Feeling Earthquacky”  I was upset.  A typo you suppose?  In hindsight you decide.  Here you are, feeling earthquacky.

In the early 1980’s I was sick a lot.  Going to the doctor three to four times a week was normal.  Only one problem……my symptoms did not go with my illness.  As a last resort I was sent to Seattle to what was then called the New Life Foundation.  When I arrived I was interviewed by an MD, a Psychiatrist, a gentleman from Seismology from the Univ of Washington, a Minister and a Psychic.  Wow!  I thought at the time.  I think I am really nuts.  As it turned out it was determined that I was one of many people that was physically affected by earth movements.

After four months of close monitoring I was enrolled in a program which had been set up and government funded.  We were given a chart to fill out on a daily basis and given a phone number to call whenever we felt ill.  On the chart it listed symptoms such as palpating heart, aches in joints, loss of libido, loss of equilibrium/balance, hot flashes, and “male and female) headaches, kidney pain, depression, aggression, and a list of our own.  We had to rate these daily forms from one to ten with five being normal.  If we had an 8 or 9 and more than 3 symptoms we would call a phone number we had been given to get information on what was going on in the world.  Like earthquakes, volcanoes, High tides, and or eclipses.  As time went on I realized I wasn’t nuts at all.  I learned before the government discontinued the program that what was happening to me and so many others really had a logical explanation.  Any kind of earth movement sent low pitched frequencies into the atmosphere.  We in turn picked iot up with our inner ear and it translates into pain, mood changes, vertigo/balance, etc.  I knew a lady which was a shoe salesperson for a while.  She eventually had to change jobs because she could not climb a ladder anymore as these things occurred more and more often.  Volcanoes emit gasses which contain sulfur.  In some people who are sensitive that results in itching and extreme nervousness.  Now, as you know, the earth moves on a regular basis.  I am sure a lot of you have been frustrated to say the least with your physical health.  Please continue to go to the doctor but at the same time you may ask some of your friends how they are feeling.  There are several doctors in the Olympia area who are aware of these facts (Thank God they have been treating me for 16 years) and even though we no longer have the network like the one in the 1980’s, there are some of us who are willing to share experiences and symptoms with you.  If anyone is interested in forming a support group please let me know.  One never gets used to this roller coaster (viruses) as the doctors call them for lack of a better word.  And yes, they will go away for a little while once a quake occurs and then they start up again.  There is a page on the internet that lists all earthquake activities and maybe you would like to monitor that.

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/index.php – Link for recent earthquakes around the world.

http://www.n3kl.org/sun/noaa.html – Link for current solar activity.

Just knowing what is wrong with you will help and set your mind at ease.  And if you feel really crazy at 2 AM or ???, feel free to call me at 360-923-9594.  We are in the middle or beginning, depending on how you look at it, of these earth changes. As the animals are so affected by these frequency changes we too will have to learn how to adjust and go with the flow.  AHO.  Please note this project was fully operational in 1980 at which time I entered the program.  Global warming and natural discrepancies were acknowledged by the government even then.

Since the early indications of being earthquacky a new diagnosis has entered the equation.  Fibromyalgia.


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