November 2016 Newsletter

Just as I was taking in one of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in a long time, if ever, my granddaughter Ebony gifted us with these amazing pictures she took on her way home from work. She lives about 50 miles North of me, so I can tell the beauty of the evening stretched over many miles.


I could see, from my window, how the sky was golden, a pinch of pink ever so often, but mostly golden brown like golden crisp fried Yukon Potatoes. A sense of “GREATFUL” came over me as I pulled up the last few weeks in my mind. Read more …

A Video from my Newsletter

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Management Mojo: Being Multi-Temporal

October 9, 2016

Time flows in both directions and a part of your mind travels with it.

By Tim Loncarich

On the quantum (subatomic) level, time ceases to exist as we normally think of it.  Things can travel faster than the speed of light and information can flow backwards and forwards in time.

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