January 2018 Newsletter

bear-01-18Who ever names a bear Consuela… you guessed it. Lilian. I had only stumbled
out of my resting spot momentarily when I heard a lot of commotion and barking
of dogs. Big dogs I assumed. Lilian swooshed them away, at that time she had not
seen me. When she did she let out a frightening welp and I let her know I was not
there to harm her. Somehow she understood me and with that our friendship
began. She is a strange Human and insists Bear is one of her power animals in her
totem. I am glad this way I can move about freely.

I am not resting so well these days, being pregnant is not my cup of tea, 180-270
days before giving birth and in true bear fashion Dad left as soon as he thought he
had mastered his task of impregneting me and I fetch for myself. I notices how
many human children are also without their fathers, except they do not fare that
well. Read more …