May Newsletter 2016

April was a strange month in many ways. Weather varied from one end of the USA to another, from one day to the following, from one State to the next and even in neighborhoods, where it hailed onto houses with even numbers and Sun peeped through the curtains in houses with uneven numbers.

The news was about 3 things. Elections, Weather/disasters and Terrorist attacks around the world. We, in America, sympathized with the rest of the world as we watched the aftermath of Terrorist attacks around the world, which brought back memories of 9.11.2001. It was the first time in MANY’s Lifetime to have experienced something like that. We remember it, we still talk about it, we mention smaller attacks in Boston, Atlanta etc. and wonder what is next. Read more …



Some 40 years ago a Lady named Shirley Bassie released a song: THE NAME GAME.
If memory serves me right it went something like this: Shirley, Shirley, Boberley, Bananafana, Fo-Ferley, Fi-Fy-Fo Shirley.

The object of the song was to change the first letter on each word, which turned each word into something else.

The possibilities were endless. It was fun to sing along with anyone, regardless if we sang the same variation of the same word. It even sounded silly at times, yet, young/old, male/female we pretended to sing in UNISON.

Read more …