white owl at midnight

Coming to you from Little Beaver Creek, deep in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest Virginia. Not what you may expect for a mountain girl, but I hope you will be pleased.



Could you fall in love with this robot?


Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips)

GehirnSome people claim that they have experienced out-of-body experiences—aka “astral trips”—floating outside of their bodies and watching themselves from the outside. A team of scientists found someone who says she can do this at will and put her into a brain scanner. What they discovered was surprising…

Mystery behind Mercury’s deep dark surface may have been solved



Politicians’ loose ISIS talk risks US lives abroad

Malcom Nance, former U.S. counter-terrorism and intelligence officer, and author of the newly published “Defeating ISIS,” talks with Rachel Maddow about the character of ISIS as a cult and why it is important for American politicians to be responsible with the language they use about ISIS and Islam. Duration: 6:11


We have to tell the GOOD part also

With Donald Trump continuing to lead the republican pack, leaders all over the world are warning that electing him as commander in chief would be downright dangerous.



5 tough lessons empaths must learn



Living with HIV

aids-videoWatch Full Episodes Online of Independent Lens on PBS | Wilhemina’s War

AIDS is one of the leading causes of death for black women in the rural South, where living with HIV is a grim reality. Wilhemina Dixon, her daughter Toni, granddaughter Dayshal, and her 92 year-old mother, all the descendants of sharecroppers, live in South Carolina. Wilhemina cares for Dayshal, 19…
Valery Uvarov

Important Message

by Valery Uvarov

Important message to my subscribers and all those who are interested in the topic of pyramids, absorbing the knowledge of ancient civilizations and seeks to actively use this knowledge in their daily lives.

It is my duty to warn all those who care about the topic of ancient knowledge, Paleoscience and Paleotechnology that on the Internet and on the pages of Facebook web site called:
“MAAT Foundation” – Pyramids.ru.com appeared controlled by Mikhail Eliseev. Point out that the name Mikhail Eliseev is used for Russian-speaking audience and the same person, but under a different name Michael Occhipinti (https://www.facebook.com/kudesnikspb?pnref=friends.search) for not speaking Russian.

It is indicative that right after publication with this link appeared on March 4, 2016 in the global Internet, M. Eliseev immediately removed his page from Facebook – panicked…

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